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No anniversary bonus this year for DepEd Teachers, PBB not yet confirmed

No anniversary bonus this year for DepEd Teachers, PBB not yet confirmed

Nakakalungkot na balita po mga teachers “No anniversary bonus this year for DepEd Teachers, PBB not yet confirmed”

The Department of Education (DepEd) clarified that its employees will not be receiving an “anniversary bonus” this year since the said benefit is only given during a “milestone year” or every five years.

DepEd Undersecretary for Finance Service and Education Programs Delivery Unit Annalyn Sevilla issued a clarification on the supposed list of bonuses and incentives that await both teaching and non-teaching employees of the agency before this year ends.

Sevilla explained that she was asked recently on “the veracity of the list of benefits and allowances that are due to be paid to all DepEd employees on or before November 15, 2019.” She noted that “apparently, several FB [Facebook] pages have posted a list of ‘upcoming releases’ from DepEd” thus, she issued the list of bonuses, incentives and benefits that “is confirmed to be paid.”

“The next DepEd Anniversary Bonus [AB] will be paid in June 2023,” said Sevilla. “This is given only during a milestone year which is every five years [and] the last payment of AB was in 2018,” she added.

In 2018, DepEd granted anniversary bonus in the amount of P3,000 to its teaching and non-teaching personnel across all governance levels. The move is pursuant to Administrative Order No. 263 dated March 28, 1996, and the DBM National Budget Circular (NBC) No. 452 dated May 20, 1996, both authorizing the grant of anniversary bonus to officials and employees of government entities.

All DepEd personnel who were employed on a full-time or regular, part-time basis or under permanent, temporary or casual status, and contractual personnel whose employment is in the nature of a regular employee, and whose salaries/wages are being charged against the budgetary allocation for Personnel Services, and have rendered at least one year of service as of date of the milestone year were eligible to receive the said bonus.

In 2018, DepEd said that all eligible personnel should have received the AB before the year ended. Milestone year is defined as the 15th anniversary of the government agency, and every fifth year thereafter. “As such, any employee may receive anniversary bonus only once every five years, regardless of transfers from one agency to another,” DepEd explained.


She said that the PBB is not an “automatic benefit” but based on a validated performance of the agency for the year.

Sevilla stated, “Right now, our PBB application is undergoing review/validation for qualification. Central office units are complying with the initial findings and/or request for additional info/data/reports.”

Sevilla explained that in the previous years, even if DepEd doesn’t qualify in the PBB, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) still approves DepEd’s request to release the PBB incentive to teachers.

This year, DepEd is hoping the PBB will still be approved and even include non-teaching personnel.

Sevilla added,”Let’s wait for the results and hope that not only teachers are granted PBB, but the whole DepEd family na, including teaching-related and non-teaching positions.”

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