DepED’s New Lesson Preparation Standards and DLP Parts


The Department of Education has roled out the new Lesson Preparation Standards or Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP) Preparation Mode appropriate to different learning models or teaching strategies.

The new DLP Preparation Standards and parts depend on any of the followings modes: Task-Based Learning Model, Problem=Based Learning Model, Inquiry-Based Learning Model, Explicit Teaching Model, and Experiential Learning Model – 4As.

Lesson Preparation Standards

a. The competency/ies, including the code, shall be based on the curriculum guide of the learning area being taught. If the competency is broad, sub-tasking/ unpacking is encouraged. All objectives shall be learner-centered and shall promote 21st Century Skills.

b. Teacher’s Guide (TG), and Learning Materials (LMs) developed by the Regional/ Division Offices and other materials from the Learning Resource (LR) portal shall be primarily utilized as learning resources. Other references such as non-DepEd developed materials shall be used if deemed necessary including ICT.

c. Activities shall be logically structured and developmentally appropriate. It should also promote the critical and creative thinking skills as well as higher order thinking skills to aid learners in mastering the content of competencies; and draw learning experiences and existing knowledge of the students.

d. Differentiated instruction shall be used to address the needs of the learners and organize their thinking and construct knowledge that is meaningful to them.

e. Integration of other subject area/s in the lesson shall be encouraged.

f.Questions for learners shall be asked in logical manner, from simple to complex to crystallize the learning other students so they can acquire knowledge and demonstrate their skills.

g. Application of concepts and skills shall develop appreciation and valuing for students’ learning by bringing the lesson to real life situation.

h. Prepare an assessment plan as described in the D.O. 3 s 2015. Embedded formative assessment shall be encouraged.

i. Abstraction and generalization shall conclude the day’s lesson. It is where the inputs on key concepts are discussed and clarified, then summarized.

j. Sessions may be ended by raising questions, introducing quotations, showing of video clips which will make students reflect on their newly acquired knowledge/ skills.

Below are the suggested DLP Preparation and Parts according to Learning Modes. Feel free to download and share.

  • Task-Based Learning Model – DOWNLOAD
  • Problem=Based Learning Model – DOWNLOAD
  • Inquiry-Based Learning Model – DOWNLOAD
  • Explicit Teaching Model – DOWNLOAD
  • Experiential Learning Model (4As)- DOWNLOAD

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