Teachers’ Battle-less Cry


While the opening of the school year sets another opportunity to shed lights on to the students’ dreams, the battle-less cries of the teachers get much of my attention.

Teachers appearing on national television begging for salary adjustment is too much to bear for me. These professionals who sacrifice a lot just to mold the futures of the land deserve more perks in life rather than yelling for a salary increase.

This is a serious concern that the government must not neglect before it becomes too late.

Just try to imagine if teachers deviate from their duties and induce a negative mindset to the students instead. Isn’t it a bigger problem compared to finding means to suffice the deserved compensation of teachers?

The government must refrain from spelling out the 20 thousand entry pay of teachers as due compensation for their sacrifices.

If you try to get into the real-life scenario, you will find out that most of the teachers were not born well-off. Thus, once a teacher is hired, after a month or two, he or she will be compelled to open a salary loan to build a house, get a motorcycle, and even feed his parents with great-tasting foods. Of course, these things are not lavishness- these things are what the teachers truly deserve.

I do not really get the point why it is very difficult for the government to top up the salary of teachers wherein fact they always clad them with great adjectives.

Teachers are intelligent people that deserves an intelligent treatment.

Do not keep on telling teachers that they are holding a noble task if you do not know how to empathize and treat them well.

While it is true that the government got some financial dilemmas, it does not mean that you will just afford to see teachers dying. You already heard the familiar, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” saying right?

Still, it is not too late for the government to offer a genuine heart for teachers and provide what’s due and right to them.

Otherwise, I am seeing hopeless children sucking their own blood in the next school opening!

Credit to sir Benjie Fiel Andriano

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