Grace Poe files bill seeking to protect teachers from child abuse accusations


In the news, Senator Grace Poe files bill seeking to protect teachers from child abuse accusations, know more of this news by reading below.

A bill seeking to protect public school teachers and personnel from allegations of child abuse while performing their duties has been filed in the Senate.

Senator Grace Poe filed Senate Bill No. 1189 after a teacher was forced to resign and have her license revoked for allegedly humiliating a student.

In filing SB 1189 on Monday, November 25, Poe cited the lack of training and guidelines on student discipline and classroom management which, she said, hampers teachers from doing their job.

“A disorganized classroom without procedures and expectations makes it difficult for our teachers to do their job. The ambiguity of permissible teacher conduct in the context of student discipline and classroom management hurts the school system,” Poe explained in filing the bill.

“This difficulty is worsened by the fact that many teachers do not receive institutional training in the right strategies that will allow them to properly manage student-behavioral troubles. The lack of licensed guidance counselors who act as support personnel and legal assistance and representation also compound the problem,” she added.

The bill seeks to amend Republic Act 7610, the Child Abuse Law, so that “Any act committed by a teacher or school staff pursuant to the disciplinary rules and procedure issued by the Department [of Education] shall not be deemed as child abuse, cruelty, and exploitation.”

Under the bill, the DepEd would be mandated to formulate and issue a teacher’s manual containing policies and principles on student discipline and classroom management.

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