RPMS Electronic Forms


RPMS Electronic Forms

The RPMS is an organization-wide process to ensure that teachers give focus on their work towards the achievement of DepEd mission, vision and values. It is an approach or strategy for continuous individual and professional development.

The Results-based Performance Management System (RPMS) of DepED supports
the Vision, Mission, and Values of the agency as it continuously endeavors to evolve
as a learner-centered public institution.

The RPMS is on HROD intervention that will help ensure the strategic, responsive,
and effective delivery of Human Resources Management and Development (HRMD)
services of all levels of DepEd so that it can effectively implement a learnercentered, school-based management system and the K to 12 strategies to improve
the quality of education in public schools.

Here you can download the RPMS E-FORMS click the download links below: