Home Deped Teaching Materials and Learners Materials (TG’s & LM’s) Elementary Grades 1-6

Teaching Materials and Learners Materials (TG’s & LM’s) Elementary Grades 1-6


K-12 Teachers Guide (TG) and Learners Material (LM) are resources used in preparing daily lessons. Additional resources from the Department of Education include materials from the Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS) portal, textbooks, and others supplementary materials, whether digital, multimedia, or online, including those that are teacher-made. However, these materials should be used by teachers as resources, not as the curriculum.

Assessment is a continuous, planned process using various forms of tasks in order to identify, gather and interpret information about the performance of students. It involves the processes of generating and collecting evidence of achievement, evaluating this evidence, recording the findings and using this information to understand and assist in the learner’s development in order to improve the process of learning and teaching. Assessment should be both informal (assessment for learning) and formal (assessment of learning). In both cases regular feedback should be provided to learners to enhance the learning experience.

With a lesson plan, teachers can predict which parts of the lesson learners will have difficulty understanding. Teachers can then prepare strategies that help learners learn, build learners’ understanding and respond to learners’ needs. Teachers can explore utilizing different instructional strategies that consider learners’ varying characteristics including cognitive ability, learning style, readiness level, multiple intelligences, gender, socioeconomic background, ethnicity culture, physical ability, personality, special needs, and the different ways learners master the content of a particular learning area. This presupposes flexibility in the way a teacher plans lessons. This means that a teacher can prepare a lesson plan but must remain open to the possibility of adjusting instruction to respond to the needs of learners.

SOURCE: Department of Education


Teachers Guide (TG) | Grade 1

AP – 1st & 2nd Quarter
ESP – 1st & 2nd Quarter
Filipino – 1st & 2nd Quarter
Mathematics – 1st & 2nd Quarter
MTB – 1st & 2nd Quarter
ART – 1ST & 2ND Quarter
HEALTH – 1ST & 2ND Quarter
MUSIC – 1ST & 2ND Quarter
PE – 1ST & 2ND Quarter
FILIPINO – 1st Quarter
MTB – 1st Quarter
Araling Panlipunan 1 –Ang Aking Paaralan – 3rd
ENGLISH 1 – Fruity Pairs
ENGLISH 1 – The Nipa Hut in the Woods
ENGLISH 1 – Perceiving Relationships
GRADE 1 Teachers Guide in ENGLISH – 4TH Quarter
FILIPINO 1 – Bantayan… Sakit ng Kapaligiran
FILIPINO 1 – Kapaligiran Natin, Alagaan Natin
FILIPINO 1 – Laging Handa
FILIPINO 1 – Mga Karapatan Alamin at Pangalagaan
FILIPINO 1 – Pagsibol Mo, Kayamanan Ko
GRADE 1 Teachers Guide in FILIPINO – 4TH Quarter
MTB –MLE 1 (Tagalog) – Week 21
MTB –MLE 1 (Tagalog) – Week 22
MTB –MLE 1 (Tagalog) – Week 23
MTB –MLE 1 (Tagalog) – Week 24
MTB –MLE 1 (Tagalog) – Week 25
MTB –MLE 1 (Tagalog) – Week 26
MTB –MLE 1 (Tagalog) – Week 27
MTB –MLE 1 (Tagalog) – Week 28
MTB –MLE 1 (Tagalog) – Week 29
MTB –MLE 1 (Tagalog) – Week 30
GRADE 1 Teachers Guide in MTB – 4TH Quarter
GRADE 1 Teachers Guide in ESP – 4TH Quarter