Transmutation templates for schools without 4th quarter exams Grade 1-10, SHS


Here is the Official Transmutation templates – for schools without 4th quarter exams Grade 1-10, SHS provided by Department of Education (DEPED).

In support to DepEd Memorandum 42, s. 2020, the Department of Education is providing grading and transmutation templates for schools that are unable to administer the 4th Quarter Examination due to suspensions in their areas, where the fourth quarter grade of learners will be based on class standing composed of written work and performance tasks.

The following templates are available:
• Grade 1 to Grade 10DOWNLOAD
• Senior High School – Academic TrackDOWNLOAD
• Senior High School – TVL, Sports and Arts and Design TracksDOWNLOAD

Teachers may input the names of the learners, raw scores and highest possible scores for written work and performance tasks. Meanwhile, the template will compute the percentage score, weighted score and transmuted grade based on the weights and transmutation table provided in the above mentioned DepEd Memorandum.


How to DOWNLOAD Instructions:

For Phone Users: After clicking on the link then you are redirected to another app or window, Just tap back or tap Overview button[the opposite side of the back button] select the previous app/window. [we recommend using the laptop or pc when downloading]

For Laptop/PC Users: After clicking the download links a single pop up will show it is an Advertisement just close it, then proceed to downloading the files. NOTE: The pop up will show again after a minute or more just simply close it.

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